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10 Unique Holiday Gift Ideas

Did you know Amazon has a new service where they will deliver to your car, inside secured homes, and/or to a Whole Foods locker for pick up? Amazon is working to make life easier. Take some of the chore out of your holiday shopping and enjoy more from the comfort of home.

My 10 Unique Holiday Gift Ideas

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10 Unique gift ideas from Amazon affiliate takingcare.

  1. O rchid fairy table lamp       I saw this fairy and thought how elegant. I am not sure if it is the best gift for a young person, as it is delicate. It may fit perfect in a room with a secure shelf. The mystic touch adds magic to any room.                              $49.52
  2. Hanging Flower Pot Glass Ball Vase Terrarium    I love this three in one gift. This plant holder, fish tank and beautiful wall hanging triples in delight for almost any receiver.                       $13.65
  3.  Mid Century Modern Nightstand     This is a wonderful night stand. It is an easy fit  for small places and  will brighten up any room.   It’s a handy table, lamp, drawer, with a USB charger to boot. A hip, up to date kind of gift with  style.              $89.99
  4. Kissing Mug Set  This sweet heart of a  gift is great  from one love to another. Weather together or apart this gift can bring a warm smile to the lips of someone in love over and over again.It makes a nice gift for a loving couple.                                                   $24.90
  5. Window Bird Feeder  I enjoy bird feeding from winter to mid spring. I always felt that was when they need it most. They do seem grateful.  Window feeders are a magnificent way to enjoy having birds without cages. You get to be up close and personal in observing individual breed behaviors. It’s continual fun, educational, and . therapeutic.                                                $25.95
  6. Exhart Solar Angel Glass and Metal Wind Chime                               This solar powered angel truly fits the Christmas Season. An angel gathering power from the sun by day and giving  back light a gentle glow like moonlight. If that isn’t enough it sings to the ears with the wind.                                                                                     $27.99
  7. Van Gogh Coffee Mugs in Keepsake Box                                                     These artistic mugs are fancy enough for tea time too. Heck you can even enjoy  hot chocolate and soups with a touch of class. A practical gift for receivers to use all the time or just for special occasions.                                                                                             $49.49
  8. Grow 4 of Your Own Organic Herbal Tea Kit  This Planter’s Choice Kit is a wonderful incentive to start home growing both medicinal and comforting teas. It comes with Chamomile, Peppermint, Lemon Balm, and Red Clover seedlings. As a bonus they threw in a tea diffuser which will come in handy in taking things to that final step of enjoying tea time.                 $17.99 
  9. Windowsill Herb Garden Kit  Growing your own herbs at home becomes a memorable experience that can last a life time.   It is a self sustaining  way to enjoy herbs in a holistic fashion.                Your home grown  genetically modified and pesticide free herbs create a more personal and safe way to season your foods and your life.                                                                                               $39.99
  10. Amazon Gift Card To many a gift card is not unique. However when it is attached to one of the largest online store in the world it is.  I strongly feel it is  a caring practice  and extremely practical way to give a gift to someone you know will enjoy shopping in a place where the  choices are more than plentiful.        $25 +  


Hello my name is Lillie. I am a proud Amazon affiliate.          I love the way they do business.  They are my online got to shop.  I have great appreciation for  a place where I can be home and still find  gifts that can be sent world wide, to nearly any address on the planet .

This list of 10 Unique Amazon Gifts are items  I think  are unique  as well as some of Amazon’s finest. I hope you find it useful in making this season more manageable and fun.  

Season’s Greetings,                                                                                                              Lillie Oliver






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