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The Benefits of following A Raw Food Plan

By: Jane Harling

What if you’ve tried every diet there is? Been told it’s all down to your genes? Lost the weight – put it all back on (and more!) again? You probably think that Diets don’t work and – you know what? – You’re absolutely right! They don’t. They give you a mindset that it’s only temporary so they set you up to fail as you only return after to your pre diet way of life. Maybe a better approach is to look at a different, whole new way of eating and living? A Raw Food Plan!

* Not a restricted way with less to eat.

* Not a boring repetitive menu each day.

* Not costly and taking an age to prepare.

But actually quicker, cheaper, tastier, simpler and just the way food was meant to be!

Did you know that the usual Western diet is “dead”?

* That cooked food is devoid of nutrients, enzymes and life energy?

* That many people are actually allergic to cooked food?

* When you cook food above 180f you destroy enzymes that are there to help us digest our food. This means your body has to work harder to extract nutrients. This wears us down and compromises our immune system. Heat causes unfavourable changes in food and your body was not designed to metabolise these. By cooking food above this temperature a pathogenic response in the body called Leucytosis takes place whereby the white blood cells ( immune cells ) are actually used to digest foods much as they would attack foreign substances.

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* Only Humans cook food – have you noticed!

By eating more raw food you leave these enzymes intact so you can digest food easily and well and extract, absorb and benefit from all the nutrients and vitamins that your body needs.

A traditional diet contains much meat, dairy and wheat and is very acid forming. This is a dangerous state for your body. Some medical practitioners actually believe cancer thrives in an acid state. A Raw Diet, rich in whole fruit and vegetables does exactly the opposite and creates an alkaline environment where nasties cannot survive.

Other benefits of following a Raw Food Plan rich in organic wholefoods, fresh fruit and veg, nuts, seeds and sprouted seeds and grains is that it means you will

* Quickly reach your optimum weight and shed fat faster.

* Gain lots of energy and need less sleep.

* Have more glowing and healthy skin tone.

* Have lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

* No longer suffer constipation – with the high levels of fibre some eminent medics believe this can help prevent some forms of cancer.

* You won’t be hungry as you can actually eat more! It just means you are eating foods that satisfy you more and pound for pound contain less calories.

It also happens to be a very ethical eating plan. Buying lots of local fruit and veg helps the local farmers and producers.

It will take a little time to get used to. No more ready meals straight from the freezer popped into the microwave! No more “fast food” of the burger & fries variety but plenty of the even faster food you don’t even have to cook! What a variety too – foods you’ve probably never tried before.

A Raw Food Plan that has been well thought out and researched can prevent you from making mistakes and guide you through potential pitfalls like eating out and dealing with well meaning friends who don’t understand etc. It’s good to be guided until the new way of eating ( Not diet! ) becomes a habit – your new “normal” way! This takes, usually, about twelve weeks. A good plan also needs lots of

recipes for meals as well as delicious juices and smoothies else you can get in a bit of a salad rut and get bored!

Following such a plan could well leave you feeling more energised and lively than you have felt for years and rather slimmer too. Why delay any longer!

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