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What Attracts You

From Taking Care

Every now and then some new concept or high tech tool comes along and tantalizes the minds of the multitudes. Depending on the magnitude of impact, often what effectively results vary from great strides and changes on personal levels to global scales. When it comes to the movie The Secret and its teachings about the law of attraction , there have been many people jumping on board as if it were a new and unheard of concept.

Positive affirmations and positive thinking and even the law of attraction, are not new to us. So why have so many people jumped on the ban wagon of manifestation this time around? One key factor might be the new way of explaining the scientific aspect behind the old idea.

Relating the power of though energy to the energy vibrations of everything around us is the skeptics smelling salts for many eye opening modes of thinking. Scientific discoveries, much like law, are fixed factors that stabilize and ground possibilities into sound beliefs. Thus getting the skeptic to understand the concept becomes the only challenge. Although we are continuously learning more, science has its undeniable concrete grounding effect.

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Aside from the original movies teachings, another popular scientific discovery on this subject matter comes from a Quantum Physics discovery of how electrons change their behavior in reaction to being observed. Again, the science is proven and what remains is the understanding of it in relationships to manifesting.

In addition to the science of it all, titling the movie The Secret provoked curiosity as to when, what and where was the hidden concept in the first place. In response this may have been why it turned the heads of many Holy Doctrine devotees. Many found themselves seeking truth and proof of the science in scriptures in order that they might compare the potency of The Secrets message with Bible teachings. Some spiritual leaders sought to warn people to beware of false teachings and disprove it while others looked to enhance awareness for better understanding it.

Once knowing what the law of attraction is on the level of science, relating it to Biblical doctrine is easy. It is undeniable that thought effectualness is what Jesus was teaching when he said, when praying for something behave as if you have already received it. This was also what Jesus was trying to convey when he spoke to those he healed in saying, it was because of their belief that He was able to heal them. Another interesting interlocking of the law of attraction in relation to belief and biblical teaching is when Jesus told His disciples that if only they believed, they could tell a mountain to move itself into the ocean and it would. The amazing man Jesus who walked on water spoke of how our thinking was able to do much more than we imagined. This is confirmed again in His teaching that sinning in our thoughts is the same as sinning in the flesh. As a Master of masters, many religious scholars would not deny that Jesus’s words are significant evidence that Bible teachings support the law of attraction concepts.

Ghandi QuoteAnother interesting perspective as to The Secrets depth of success should in deed be attributed to the makers of the film themselves. Surely they believed what they wanted to teach and utilized energies of visualizations, feelings, and thoughts for the movies success to reach the multitudes in understanding, applying, and changing the world for the better. Once the idea was conceived and great thinkers put into action, manifestation of a film that illuminated harmony and clear understanding was thus inevitability born.

In order to understand why The Secret has had such a powerful impact on the minds of so many who already knew the secret, one could say it is due to powerful impacts of new science, old religion and present day applications. Apparently this combination has shaken awake the giants of incredulity and shed the blankets of the dormant believers. We have only to wait and see what dreams may come of it all.

How is Meditation Beneficial to Our Health

by Nick Mutt

Meditation is a valuable art of relaxing the mind and body at the same time. Its healing powers are vast and long-lasting. It promotes more restful sleep and boosts the body’s immune system. This will help fight illness and better manage the symptoms of chronic conditions.

Just 20 minutes of daily meditation is enough to provide you relief from ailments such as low back pain, headaches, depression and anxiety.

One of the main benefits of meditation is that it lowers your oxygen consumption. The reason for this is because meditation, when done correctly, actually slows down the heart rate. This in turn leads to shallower, more regular breathing, which is turn lowers oxygen consumption. This in turn is better for your heart as well as your whole respiratory system.

Meditation helps you to calm your mind and relieve stress. Like any muscle, your mind needs exercise. Meditation is one way that you can satisfy this need.

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Another benefit of meditation is for muscle tension. Meditating regularly is great for relieving tension headaches and other muscle aches. It even helps in reducing the pain from arthritis. As a natural pain reliever, meditation is a near miracle.

For women, mediation is great in combating pre menstrual syndrome. Many of the terrible symptoms of PMS are reduced from meditating, including cramps and headaches.

If you want to build up your immune system, mediation is an excellent way to accomplish this. By regular meditation, your cells will rebuild themselves quicker over time.

Disclaimer: This article is not meant to provide health advice and is for general information only. Always seek the insights of a qualified health professional before embarking on any health program.

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Mooding Winter With Aromatherapy

From Taking Care

Autumn is a very beautiful time of year. Leaves turn from summer’s active splashy greens to the soft tones of brownish orange, mellow yellows and charismatic reds. As beautiful as the months of fall are, they also bring reminders for us to be prepare for winter’s whether chills. As the months grow colder people spend more time inside, and shift their focus on improving indoor atmospheres. There are a number of ways to winterize your home. One wonderfully fun and effective method of improving your atmosphere is with essential oils.

Aromatherapy has been used for thousands of years for stress reduction and as a medicinal method of healing. Even as a stress reliever, aromatherapy is a healing agent as less stress allows the immune system to function better. In fact, the workings of aroma therapy is know to stimulate ether or the circulatory, nerve, and the immune system. As an atmosphere enhancer, essential oils are a wise choice.

There is one particular fragrance I think is perfect for weathering winter woes. Lavender has many wonderful ways to keep you feeling great during the cold season. The wonderful lavender plant can bring forth it’s medicinal uses through aromatic oils, herbal tea, and as a internally digestive healing agent. Lavender is known for it’s use as an sleeping aid, pain reliever, digestive cure, skin treatment, hair growth stimulant, mood stabilizer and anti-depressant.

My prediction is that heavy lavender aroma therapy during the chilly months will have you feeling renewed and rejuvenated along with the other floral scented blossoms of spring.

Lavender in my opinion is amongst the best of fragrances for aromatherapy. However there are also many other undeniably great scents, such as Bergamot, Lemon Balm, Jasmine, Peppermint and many others,
with wonderful atmosphere healing powers of equal magnitude. The important thing to be aware of, as you experiment with aromatherapy, is to do the research on what medicinal purpose each aroma will have an effect on and always know the recommended usage and dosage.

Using aroma therapy scents to enhance air quality is one of the most known ways to use essential oils. . The following are brief description of some of the useful ways to utilize the power of essential oils.

Seven Aroma Motions

1. As a full body bath : A nice hot bath using a healing fragrance rejuvenates and enhances overall well-being.

2. The mini-bath: Special bath technique using hot bath and separate cold bath with alternating timing for circulatory system treatment.

3. The inhalant: With a few drops of essential oil in a humidifier or pot of boiled water medicinal properties can be quickly inhaled through direct deep breaths or slowly inhaled as full area aroma therapy.

4. Compresses: Oil on a cloth dampened with hot, warm, or cold water. This can be placed directly on skin or an infected area needing treatment or conditioning.

5. A liniment: Simply rub in oil for aches and pains, or like the compress it can be directly applied to the area needing attention.

6. Used as a mouthwash or spray: A simple mist spraying for throat irritation or for oral hygiene purposes.

7. Applied as a salve: Mixing oil with another substance like bees wax to create a solid applicable mass for long term applications.

Using aromas throughout the chilly months of the more closed in home-lifestyled living may prove to be a wise warm welcomed way to whether beyond the winter woes.

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